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SpaceCat by skornenicholas SpaceCat :iconskornenicholas:skornenicholas 0 0
Wrath and the American Dream
Walking down broken asphalt
I live & die at the mercy of external forces
Mortal man, clay, dust, & earth
Yet our actions define us, not our concerns
Nor our mysteries or conjectures
You either live to help or to take
The World is full of takers
Would be kings, we just call the CEO’s now
They own our political & media systems
We are slaves, some unwilling
Most just trying to get through this
Our thoughts are clouded, void, without form
Maybe from the drugs, legal or otherwise
Maybe from the contamination in the tap water
Maybe from sitting night after night
Reading about the True Horror
That has become our World
They show us pictures of starving children
Of little girls; prostitutes for foreign nations
You can’t help but feel angry
Maybe you gasp, or pray
You might even donate
Never knowing what use the money is going to
Ship them water & they drink
Ship them money & Warlords buy black market weapons
Whatever it takes to defend themselves in a World gon
:iconskornenicholas:skornenicholas 1 0
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The Phoenix
Shine a light, let loose a flare
Let the World know you've been reborn
To go from living to truly being alive
When the Universe beckons, go
Seek adventure in the mundane
Strive to change the course of human history
You are free & beautiful & a cosmic force of Nature
Act; if you can & you should, you MUST
Impossible is just another hurdle 
Failure is an enlightening experience
Risk it all
Better a broken heart than one of stone
Show pride in being a resident of the Milky Way Galaxy
In virtually lifeless space 
WE are the rose growing in cracked sidewalks
Live, Love, Laugh
Never look back 
Shed no tears other than joy & solemn respect 
For those on the Journey have left one way station behind
Only to become part of all this beautiful
Do not just get by, do not just live, boldly exist
Dare to be excellent & watch as the Universe gives way
This is your duty, your payment for the gift of Life 
Use it wisely, live to improve the World
You ow
:iconskornenicholas:skornenicholas 0 0
The Gypsy
She smiles that smile 
A complex multitude of souls
Cast into a world of expectations
"But I am only me!" she cries
Not for help, but in defiance
She moves not in grace, but in passion
The billboards & advertisements of
an estranged society are such a waste
Covered by solar panels they might be of use
But that is another story
Her thoughts aren't collected
Rambling & wild 
They are ricochets;
Misbehaving little devils, violating the laws of physics
Tumbleweeds in Space
To discover, dream, & explore
She is the rising Moon
Dancing in the spaces between the stars
Her compass point's in all directions
Her path is an ongoing quest to
Bear witness to the truth
We are all Children of the Universe
With celestial bodies in our hearts
A cosmos of our own within our eyes
The goal of the journey is
The continuation of discovery
In this form or the next
She is a molecule braving the storm
Allowing the howling of the wind
To sing her to sleep
Until she comes to rest upon
:iconskornenicholas:skornenicholas 0 0
The Violinist
Contain yourselves gentlemen & ladies, if you can
For you are about to witness a miracle
Like the Creation of the Universe
Yet this miracle will be performed by a mortal man
With a bow in his hand, this man transcends
He becomes something more than just a man
Much more, he becomes a part of the Cosmic Mystery
As he pulls this simple tool across the strings, time slows down
The sub-atomic particles in the nucleus of an atom hold still
Even the ever misbehaving Quarks stop to pay attention
The notes sing out; pure magic, man’s greatest creation
It cascades through the air; un-hindered emotion
A symphony of thoughts & ideas all played out in an instant
He commands his art, he conducts it with ease
As true as an arrow unleashed by Philoctetes of Greece
You can hear his sorrow, or his pain, whatever his desires
Just as swiftly you are swept into a field of joy & delight
An Admiral commanding a fleet of treasure galleons
Overfilled, near bursting with all that is beautiful
:iconskornenicholas:skornenicholas 1 0


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I live life on a very simple philosophy. I am polite if you are polite, if you respect my privacy, I respect yours. Everyone is allowed the occasional mistake, it happens, but abusing this system will get you banned from my goodwill. My politeness & curtsy is not fake, I truly believe in behaving that way. That being said; my willing acceptance of social norms is the ONLY thing separating me from being a 6'2.5" 240lb powerful & cunningly intelligent animal. I'm showing you the Man, don't push me to be the animal. Women are to be respected at all times, all women, even the ones I don't know. Fuck with this rule in my presence & it is very possible multiple people, likely myself included, will be hospitalized, arrested, or both. These are not polite suggestions, they are codes of conduct, violating them will cost you in multiple ways. Man is limited only by his creativity & imagination & mine are unlimited. I believe everyone is equal & I hold every individual equally responsible for their words & actions. I am fully prepared to undergo unspeakably horrific torture to achieve my goals. Freedom is the right of all people & their duty to uphold those rights, regardless of the consequences. Independence is not a day or an ideal; it is a state of existence.


Nicholas Byrd
United States


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